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The Club Everton Football Club has a lengthy and in-depth background. The origins of the club take source in an English Methodist Churchgoers called New Link and established by Auto Sion Jones in 1865, which makes a decision to construct a new chapel around Liverpool in 1868. The following year, the church comes to be proprietor of land. In Backfield Road North, in between St. Domingo Vale and also St. Domingo Grove. This space lies near the district of Everton, which develops a component of the city of Liverpool given that 1835. Because its beginning, Everton has encountered several successes, winning once Cup of Cup victors, nine times the championship From England and also 5 times the England Cup. Everton is the only club that has played more than 100 seasons at the top of the English football, the 2010-2011 period being their 108th engagement in the English elite.

The basketball players of FC Bayern Munich can no longer defend the title in the Bbl Cup. They were surprisingly at the Miners Chemnitz at the age of 80:85 and thus divested in the quarterfinals. Best thrower of the game was Marion Atkins with 21 points.

Decisive was also a 19: 7 course of the Saxony in the second quarter after the Bavarians had led to 26:21 after ten minutes.

The miners, which stand for the first time in the semifinals, did not rely on in the final portion. Although the Bavarians were raised again on 80:81, the Munich could no longer initiate the Wendy in their 18th competitive game of the season. Only on Friday they were still at the AS Monaco in the Euro league (71:94).

In the second duel of the evening, the Hard Merlins Trailhead Data Jam S. Oliver Würzburg with 82:79. The guests did not get in well and were not rewarded for their catch-up hunt. Already day before the Lions Braunschweig and Alba Berlin were moved in the next round