FC Bayern Medical Chief calls for game ban for Joshua Kimmich and Co

At the latest since Joshua Gimmick from FC Bayern acquainted that he has waived a vaccine against the Coronavirus so far, the German professional football has recorded a vaccine debate. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, Chief of the World Medical Term, calls for a radical approach in this context.

The fact that the fans should only enter some stages when they are vaccinated or recovered, but this does not apply to the stars on the lawn is not comprehensible for Montgomery. Of the Bundesliga, the 69-year-old therefore demands a clear regulation: I recognize a contradiction that the Bundesliga should dissolve and leave unburdened players there, Montgomery said to the mirror.

So simply the situation is legally not to resolve. That s last already led DFB-Doctor Tim Meyer. We are at the professionals in the context of occupational safety. The policy is presenting the framework and, for example, the league can not say: we do it differently, Meyer explained.

On the other hand, other rules apply to the grandstand: At the spectators, we are in the area of ​​the Infection Protection Act with completely different responsibilities and an activity exerted at leisure. That is, I can understand that one or another at first sight not in dispensed. But the base is the different legal situation, says Meyer.

Joshua Kimmich (FC Bayern) legt uit waarom hij zich niet laat vaccineren

Consequences for corona chaos in the DFB team?

How much the virus is concerned with the football landscape, the Corona Chaos clarified at the German national team.

After the double-vaccinated Niklas See has been detected an infection, Gimmick, Serge Gnabry, Jamal Musial and Karim had to go in quarantine with See in the plane.

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Whether this is because Gary, Mutual and Adam are not vaccinated remains open. However, the suspicion urges them to remain the team with other actors who also used the same flight.

National coach Hans Flick graduated as a result of the events not to nominate only vaccinated players for the DFB selection in the future.