FC Bayern money or love Qatar

The history of Bayern s attire of Munich is really rather disorderly, so to make sure that the existing mix of club shades was not in the original plans at the time of its structure. The Bavaria is the major marketing affiliate, and also the current proprietor of the Rights of the T-shirt is Deutsche Telekom. The main provider of the club is adidas. In the previous years, the Rights of the Tees were held by Adidas (1974-78), Marius Death as well as Veto (1978-84), Commodore (1984-89) and also Opel (1989-2002).

FC Bayern Munich has trouble with his fans. They have been doing for a long time against the relationships of the club to Qatar. At the annual general meeting, the escalation threatens.

Bayern munich fans at Manchester City 2014
Oliver Khan and Herbert Gainer got very clearly led to the VIP tribune, which the fans stick to Qatar from the connections of Bayern Munich. In the southern curve of the arena hung in the top match against Freiburg minutes a huge banner. At that were CEO Khan and President Gainer with bloody shirts and a comfort box in front of a washing machine. The saying: We wash everything for money.

It is not the first time that the Munich trailers make massive front against sponsoring deals of the club with the controversial World Cup host. At the Annual General Meeting on November 25, the German football record champion can hire lively discussions. It threatens the escalation.

Initiator justifies application

Most recently, the fans request was incorporated that the association will exclude businesses such as the sleeve advertising with Qatar Airways, which allegedly brings 20 million euros per year.

We want to take preventive measures to prevent a new degree, said initiator Michael Out the Sid. Qatar stands for massive human rights violations, and there are serious allegations of corruption in Bayern Munichs, it was said in a message of critical followers.

The Bavaria bosses around Khan and Gainer are in the Zwickmühle. After the millions of so-called rogue states, like Qatar, to continue with clubs like Manchester City (from Abu Dhabi supported), Paris St. German (Qatar) or have been able to keep up new Newcastle United (Saudi Arabia)?

And drag the trouble of the fans. Or do you renounce these financial benefits in the future and thus win the affection of the fans? Quite simply: for Khan, Gainer and Co. is about the question: money or love?

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FC Bayern defends Qatar shops

The club attempts to discuss the abuses in dialogue, emphasized coach Julian Nagelsmann after 2: 1 against Freiburg. It is the course where Bavaria has been holding for some time. Gainer always points to a respectful dialogue with Qatar: After the motto: change through approximation.

However, as the connection to the Emirate matches a planned modernization of the Bayern s statute, is open. In the future statute text, even better illustrate, said Vice President Dieter Mayer, for which values ​​our club is.

Mayer called tolerance, respect, role model, cosmopolitanism, social responsibility and a stand against any form of extremism and discrimination, be it for ethnic reasons, because of sex or sexual orientation. As a self-evident, the club also confesses to respect all internationally recognized human rights.

FC Bayern with training camp in Qatar

However, FC Bayern will actively help Bavaria with a state-owned entity to distract from the grievances and spread a modern, cosmopolitan image of the country, saying the critical followers.

Nevertheless, remain untouched according to the will of initiators, including a few faces known in the fans scene, the annual training camps in the gulf state.

These buys at least theoretically the opportunity for critical communication — if you perceive them, said it. The stars around Manuel new renouncement from futures in this winter on the journey to the Persian Gulf, but Bavaria women travel to Qatar.

The Emirate, which in Winter 2022, issues the World Cup, is strong in criticism because of the human rights situation. The disadvantage of women and persons of the LGBTQ movement is also being denounced again and again.