PS5 hacked access to debug

Almost a year after the release of the PS5, a hacker group has succeeded for the first time to crack the new console of Sony. Among other things, you will receive access to the debug menu of the PS5. The root keys of the hardware could also be read out.

What consequences do the PS5 hack have?

With the root keys, the hacker group has now overcome the first obstacles to create a jailbreak. For example, home brews or pirated copies could also be played on a PS5. However, the console is not quite cracked yet. Thanks to the root keys, however, the data of the firmware can now be decrypted.

The PS5 Is Already Getting Hacked?
How is the group of PS5 hack succeeded?

So far, the hackers last how they have access to this sensitive data of the console. Although Sony could close with a new update corresponding gaps, but according to the hacker group information, a simpler change of root keys is apparently not possible. Even the activation of the debug menu keeps the hackers secret for the time being.

Source: Twitter (2)

From Dominik Wingman
08.11.2021 at 14:15