New records to unpopriant lands RTA Runer Liam Super Mario 64 Star 120 RTA World Records in the first 1 hour and 37 minute level

Games have various places, such as ending clear, results, and trophies complete play. Among them, a play style that is said to be highly competent is RTA (real-time attack). One of the play tiles competing from the game start to clear, one of the plastic and works, the player enjoys RTA, regardless of platform and work.

Twitch Streamer Liam, which specializes in the Speed ​​run of Mario 64, Super Mario 64 Star 120 pieces RTA World Record 1 hour 37 minutes 53 seconds Updated with Super Mario 64 120 pieces RTA First 1 hour and 37-minute set.

The Super Mario 64 RTA, released in 1996, is one of the historical and daily optimized competitions in RTA. There are many people who know only the terms, such as BLT (Antwerp) and no anemometry? In April 2021, Mr. Basra, a Japanese RTA player, has achieved a world record renewal for six years since the Japanese people.

However, Liam, who achieved the first one hour and 37-minute set this time, has already updated Basra s record, from which about one month from that of its own world records It is shortened seconds.

Liam has a good run in the outline column of the video posted, and it is the first 1 hour and 37-minute state. It is very impromptu, so I would like to try trial and error from now on. There is a lot of time losses. However, the run of other parts was very good. I leave a comment.

As an aside, RTA in Japan Winter 2021 will be held on December 26 and 31st.

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