Reveal HSV board throws

Bundesliga Dinoy, the Hamburger SV also runs through again in the fourth year in the 2nd Bundesliga again. While in the first seasons in the second class in the first round of the rise at least tangible appeared, the HSV is currently running far after this goal after twelve matchdays. Six points rank the hamburger behind the first direct rise place. Even on the management level, in the meantime, renewed restlessness.

How the Bundesliga Dino Picture registered on Wednesday, Frank Wettstein wants to throw down the HSV. The 48-year-old is currently a financial board at the Hanseaten and still has an ongoing contract until the end of June 2022.

After that he wants to settle his activity at the traditional club, it says in the media report. The HSV Supervisory Board, the most important control panel in the association, has already been informed about the decision of the Wettstein.

Wettstein was in recent years, which were shaped at the Hamburg SV of many new starts, personnel swades and restructuring, one of the few constants of the club. The learned auditor and tax advisor has been working for the former Bundesliga Dino since 2014.

Decisive for the retreat next year should be according to the media report that Wettstein are looking for a new challenge. Where these could be exact, is currently unknown.

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Doubt about HSV coach Walter take too

The fact that there will be something with the long-privileged return to the Bundesliga in the current season, meanwhile, in large parts of the club itself should be doubted. According to Bundesliga Dino Image, especially the concerns of head coach Tim Walter should grow bigger.

Under the coach, who has been responsible for the Bundesliga Dinoing skills of the Hamburgers since this season, the reddoses have lost only one of twelve games in the 2nd Bundesliga. However, it has been enough for four wins, as little as the climber Dynamo Dresden and Hansa Rostock.

In the upcoming second league duels with Karlsruhe, Regensburg and Ingolstadt finally fed up to be spotted to allow the louder doubters to be silent again for the time being.