Nintendo wins piracy

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Last year, Gary Bowser, Member of the Hacker Group Team Xecuter by Nintendo, was charged because he sold Custom firmware for Nintendo Switch, which enabled piracy on the console. Now the court negotiations took place in which the case and the penalty was discussed.

Bowser pleads for guilty

Although in the past, there were several cases in which Nintendo sued different ROM pages and took offline, but the Team XECUTER has last turned on the US Justice Department. The hacker group should have taken double-digit million amounts with the sale of custom hardware and firmware.

Gary Bowser – a 52-year-old man from Canada – was arrested in the Dominican Republic and finally handed down to the USA. In addition to participation in the hacker group, he should have looked after its own website, which supported the products of Team Xecuter. Thus, Bowser is to have earned $ 320,000 US dollars.

In court, the defendant now pleaded for guilty. Up to ten years in prison could be the member of the hacker group. The exact penalty will soon be clarified in a further negotiation. A claim for damages in the amount of $ 4.5 million to the complaining company Nintendo is already fixed.

More Nintendo complaints for the hacker group

However, the current case is not the only one in which Gary Bowser is currently involved. There is another complaint of Nintendo, which deals with further damages. Away from the piracy case, the Canadian threatens more punishments for money laundering and more.

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From Dominik Zwingmann
03.11.2021 at 14:48