His girlfriend gives him a Dualsense command of PS5 but surely it s not like he expected

At the end of last year, PlayStation 5 was launched on the market, a system that wore a long time the community and that stands out for its avant-garde design, a very fast hard drive and an improved GPU, but also by its control command in the form of dualsense.

The Dualsense is, without a doubt, is one of the stars of PS5, a control command that is characterized by having haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and that it also seems that it is engaging at the community, especially with the arrival of new colors that They have been thrown into the market.

And maybe one of the best birthday gifts that can be done is a new dualsense, but not with a new color, but teddy and that you can embrace or use as an ornament for your room.

This has been taught by a user in Reddit who has shared a video that has shown the dualsense of teddy that has created the girlfriend of him, something that has had to take a few days because of the details that are observed.

Sony brings OFFICIAL DualSense support to Linux!

And this particular teddy dualsense has a multitude of details, including the PlayStation logo, the Directional Pad, the two Sticks, the relevant buttons and even the triggers. Crowd of details that denote the great care for not being left any of the distinctive features.

Surely it is a gift that will keep throughout life, and best of all is that it will never be damaged and that you can easily wash in the washing machine.