HSV Leibolds Offers coach Walter from tasks

On the EHF Cup 2014/15, Handball Club teams from Europe participated in the previous season in their home countries qualified for competition. Cup games began on September 6, 2014. Cup winner became the German Association of Füchse Berlin, who won the final against HSV Hamburg on May 17, 2015.

The screams of Tim Leibold also still after a day later, the cruciate ligament tear of the left-back hits HSV hard.

Tim s injury, says Tim Walter, pushes to mind. So something is not shaking off so easily. The trainer first evaluates the emotional component with these words. But he also has to move forward quickly to the agenda and look at the athletic side. It is clear: Leibold s premature season end is the 45-year-old in front of great tasks. Will he now familiarize the Miro Muheim borrowed in the summer as a backup from St. Gallen? Or he puts a learned right-back?

Muhim was in Paderborn last Friday, when Leibold had to take out because of an allergic reaction to the break, as well as on Tuesday evening, the Swiss did not turn into the Swiss, inhibited in the forward gear and faulty in the defensive core business. Walter judges: Miro has to develop and do this too.

Gyamerah has some experience

But how much development does the hamburger tolerate? And how many columns does she need? Such games like Nuremberg, believes the coach, Miro do well. His alternative to the 23-year-old would be Jan Gyamerah. He has lost his place to the right in the four-chain in the past week to Moritz Heyer, but had already defended under ex-coach Daniel Thiune but already helped links.

To make matters worse for Walter that the refurbishment of the left defensive side may not be its only problem – the use of Daniel Heuer Fernandes is in question for the coming Saturday against Holstein Kiel. In the case of a penalty against Asger Sörensen, the keeper had drawn up a capsule injury in the knee and must be shorter in the coming days. His participation in the derby becomes the race against the time. And a failure of the molded German Portuguese would be the next significant weakening.