DFB Cup Sexy duels for FC Schalke 04 HSV 1860 Munich and Co

Who is no longer in the first row, is greedy to enter the big stage again.

The football second divisions 1. FC Nuremberg, Hamburger SV and FC Schalke 04 as well as third division 1860 Munich as a dazzling traditional clubs of German football are allowed on Tuesday in the 2nd DFB Cup round for headlines. And that opposite each other!

Due to the miesen in cash through the painful corona incisions, the injection of 515,000 euros is a hot-coveted extra-taking for second and third divisions for achieving the secondary finish. Because the get from the TV pot significantly less funds than the Bundesliga clubs.

The duels of the former football nobility are appealing: Nuremberg against HSV (20.45 clock) and 1860 against Schalke (18.30 clock) are opposite on Tuesday (SKY). This leaves the fans of glorious times. In particular, the duel of the francs (9x German master, 4x cup winner) with the North Germans (6x Master, 3x Cup winner) promises a lot. Zusal Nuremberg in the 2nd league as a fourth with 21 points three counters and two places in front of HSV (18) ranked and favorite is.

Club vs. HSV

It works well at the moment, says the former HSV trainer and present FCN Schalkes board Dieter Hecking the picture newspaper. A month ago, both teams were facing in the Volksparkstadion and parted 2: 2. Her last of 64 Bundesliga encounters lies back for more than seven years.

Since the ninth course in the second class, the 1st FCN has earned the doubtful fame to be record-through. This season, the signs have a better future. The Club is the only second division team without defeat and has only seven goals about a defense box. We really respect them, says HSV Schalkes board Jonas Boldt.

The rotation in the gate of Swiss franc is bitter for Stammkeeper Christian Mathenia. Of course against his ex-association HSV, in which he stood between the posts from 2016 to 2018, he must make room for Carl Klaus. He s tuned and deserves that, said coach Robert Klauss about the substitutekeeper. After the recent 4: 0 in the point match against Heidenheim, Klauß the euphoria take away .

1860 Munich vs. FC Schalke 04

Soccer Made In Germany 77-78 Duisburg v HSV pt2

In the other traditional duel, the favorite role is clearly distributed. Schalke 04 as a ropey team with a strong run (four victories in series and 9: 0 Goals) meets the TSV 1860 with problems. The third division occupies only 16 16 only before the descent zone. The favorite result of this season – seven times 1: 1 – but will not be enough in the cup.

Schalke, seven master champion and five-time cup winner, is hungry on the secondary final. Our claim must be to move on, said coach Dimitrios Grammozis, but expressed polite respect for the rivals: 1860 is a big tanker. A traditional club that deserves it, to play in the Bundesliga or in the 2nd league. I expect to play A true cupfight.

The Munich lions, German champions of 1966 and two-pokal winners, have been sitting in the 3rd league for four years. The last holidays in the upper house of German club football are now already 22 years. There would be a surprise success against Schalke just right to get the curve in the pale championship.