Amazon Doku About FC Bayern A view of the Holy Saint

Amazon promises a look behind the legend of FC Bayern in a TV document. That succeeds – despite weaknesses.

The end is right at the beginning. Guys, I have something to say, says a pale Hansi Flick on that April 17, 2021 in the Wolfsburg cabin to his Bayern team and looks into questioning faces. He was, says Flick, How should I say, in the end . The stars are shocked.

The surprising farewell of the coach of his players is the first scene of the new TV documentary FC Bayern – Behind the Legend . The online dealer Amazon, who streams the six-part series from 2 November on Prime Video, promises to show the record champion Private as never to show. The luck quite, although the series also has lengths.

This is the claim of the maker for director Simon Verhoeven ( men s hearts ), chief cameraman Nepomuk V. Fischer and producer Quirin mountain ( The life of the other ). Based on the total triumph with the Triple 2020, in the following season 2020/21 are the question: What is the FC Bayern? In doing so, too well known, for example, if the long-standing patron s Uli Hoene s once again reports how he made his club.

Also interesting for spectators who do not keep it glorious with the FC, the views of the Holy Saints. If the stars after the sixth title at the Club World Cup still go to the course in the analysis. If co-trainer Miroslav Klose in the cabin Robert Lewandowski gives tips in Polish. Or if the freshly chorust world footballer with his mum ( resting out! ).

FC Bayern: Cameraman daily at Bayern

Cameraman Fischer was daily at the team. It s like you re the new school, he says over the first days. But soon he had not been the filmmaker, but a man – and that are all stars, but no machines .

And so she wants to show director Verhoeven too. The FC Bayern was very brave, Nepomuk came very, very close to Ran, he says. Sometimes he had deliberately cleared the camera, but there are also unpolished moments – as with Hasan Salihamidzic, the makers wired for the game against Dortmund.

In 134 turning days with 147 interviews – including talks with Jürgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Joachim Löw or Thomas Tuchel – 2267 hours of raw and archive material came together. The cut alone lasted 125 days. About the cost, all stakeholders are silent.

FC Bayern is a bondable family

FC Bayern hopes to increase its worldwide range, relevance and radiance with the series. She also tries to work out as the club even after the heaviest bankrupt, as in 1999 in Barcelona or 2012 ( Drama Dahoam ) succeeded.

Verhoeven believes the answer to know. It s a stricable family. You re wringing – always about the best of the club, he says. How flicking with his boss Salihamidzic – one of the precipitating conflicts of the season. Verhoeven: You can feel the tension in several moments.

The documentary lights up the past of the sports council. Salihamidzic tells with tears in the eyes from the Civil War in Yugoslavia, where he had a Kalashnikov under bed with 15. The viewer swallows.

Kahn: The Continue has driven him into Burn-out

Even who listens to Oliver Kahn when he talks about the consequences of eternal pressure, feels with. The Continue had driven him into the burn-out, reports the board of executive, he was hardly raised at home anymore the stairs.

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These human aspects make the series worth seeing. Or, as mountain formulates: It is perfectly fine not to like FC Bayern. But who looks at this documentary, that will certainly fall hard.