FC Bayern fails without Nagelsmann door to the second round

FC Bayern Munich wins in the Champions League near Benfica Lisbon. After the third victory in the third group game, the record champion is standing in the K.O phase before entering the K.O.-Phase. The live ticker for reading.

Bayern Munich has done a big step without the diseased coach Julian Nagelsmann to reach the second round of the Champions League. The German record champion won with a 4-0 (0: 0) at Benfica Lisbon also his third game in the prospecting group E and can already make the entry into the K.o Round in the second leg on 2 November.

423 days after the Munich Champions-League Triumph 2020 against Paris St. Germain (1: 0) in the Stadium Da Luz met Leroy Sane (70/85.) And Robert Lewandowski (82.), and Everton (80th) were under. An own goal.

Champions League: Benfica Lisbon – FC Bayern Munich 0: 4 – The game in the stenogram

Benfica Lisbon vs. FC Bayern Munich 0: 4 (0: 0)


| 0: 1 SANE (70th), 0: 2 Everton (80./aGentor), 0: 3 Lewandowski (82.), 0: 4 SANE (84.)

Position Lisbon

| Vlachodimos – Lucas Verissimo, Otamendi, Vertonghen – Andre Almeida (Diogo Goncalves), Joao Mario (80th Adel Taarabt), Weigl, Grimaldo – Rafa (80th Ferro), Yaremchuk (76th Everton), Darwin Nunez (80th Goncalo Ramos )
Position FC Bayern | New – Pavard (66th Gnabry), Slee, Upamecano, Hernandez (85th Richards) – Kimmich, Sabitzer (85th Tolisso) – Coman (85th Musiala), Müller (77st Stanic), San – Lewandowski
Yellow card | Otamendi (45.), Joao Mario (51.) / Upamecano (56.), Hernandez (59.)

Champions League, Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich 0: 4 – Liveticker for reading

Conclusion: What lasts for a long time was finally good in the 70th minute. Although the Bavarians had had a slightly reduced to the first ten, twelve minutes – in the first ten, twelve minutes, to miss too often and especially precision in the last third. Nevertheless, the Munich in the first pass were a class better than the hosts and would have had to lead. After change, Benfica was brave, designed the game for a long time at eye level until a genius stroke of Sane the Portuguese cracked. After the unfortunate own goal to the 0: 2, the last resistance was broken and Lisbon deserted into his items, Lewandowski and again the glossy placed Sane, the result almost too far in the height.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League now in the Livestick – Gambling

90.: News invites the households almost with a mistake again, but the Bayern 2021 are also in the 90th minute at 4: 0 lead still toxic, gallery and – pardon – horny on the ball .

88.: Of course, the numbers are now more than unique. But given.

85.: Also, Bayern are now triple: Champions League debut for Omar Richards replacing Lucas Hernandez, Jamal Musiala comes for the Bockstark Kingsley Coman and Corentin Tolisso may for Marcel Sabitzer a few minutes.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League now in Liveticker – Triple Change FC Bayern

84.: TOOOOOR! Benfica Lisbon – Bayern Munich 0: 4 – Now it is indispensable – and that will not do justice to the performance of Benfica and especially Vlachodimos. Stanisic is again significantly involved, brings the ball from the right in the penalty area flat to the penalty point, where Leroy Sane is trying again with direct acceptance and hindrances unhindered below.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League now in Liveticker – Tor FC Bayern

82.: TOOOOOR! Benfica Lisbon – Bayern Munich 0: 3 – Goal Scorer: Robert Lewandowski. Game Over! Stanisic with a strong run over the right side, then takes Gnabry with. The served to the center, where San is entering and bouncing off with the hacking heel first on the last defender. The free ball jumps him again the feet, thoughtfully he puts four meters in front of the box transversely and Robert Lewandowski pushes one.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League now in Liveticker – Tor FC Bayern

80.: Jorge Jesus rejects something again, triple changes: Ferro comes for Rafa, Nobal Taarabt for Joao Mario and Goncalo Ramos for Darwin Nunez.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League now in Liveticker – Triple Change Benfica

80.: TOOOOOR! Benfica Lisbon – Bayern Munich 0: 2 – Game Over? Gnabry is set to the right in the box, goes to the baseline and then flankes half-high to the center. Everton does not get resolved quickly enough in air and distracts the ball unintentionally into his own goal.

  1. Knappe quarter of an hour to go, really had indicated the opening goal of the Bavarians in the second half was not even that it is a directly transformed kick, fits into the picture since. Although Munich is still a slight advantage in ball actions and duels have (the 56 percent), to become a clear chance Plus (8: 4) – compelling the guests were but in one passage.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League now in Liveticker – Tor FC Bayern

  1. dino toppmöller on the opposite side brings a new right-back with Josip Stanisic, down must Thomas Müller. Back to back four so.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League Now Live Scores – Change FC Bayern

  1. Now reacts at least Jorge Jesus and goes on the offensive. Everton come for Roman Yaremchuk, who has made a good game. What you need to know about Everton: Small, swift as an arrow, Brazilians.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League Now Live Scores – AC Benfica

  1. First of all, very subdued, but not impressed. but the Bayern now have to remain alert.

  2. For Benfica was incidentally the first goal in this premier class season, after a 0: 0 and 3: 0 victory before. As the eagles respond to this gap?

  3. Toooor! Benfica – BAYERN MUNICH 0: 1 – scorer: Yeah. Forget about the daring experiment forget that with the Sane-kick in half one, forget everything you have read so far here. Sane welded the free kick from 25 yards inside right with inimitable shooting technique right into the net. And this time also Vlachodimos and VAR no objections, I promise.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League Now Live Scores – goal FC Bayern

  1. The experiment with the three-man booth is now a daredevil.

  2. madness! Yaremchuk is sent right to travel, Upamecano in the luggage, but which only does not come into the duel has, then does not trust in the penalty area in the half. And Ukrainier targeting the far corner, but distorts the narrowest of margins. Luck for Bayern!

  3. Hui! Change the offensive Bavaria, Serge Gnabry is for Benjamin Pavard. now three-man on the defensive – and of course even more offensive hp.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League Now Live Scores – Change FC Bayern

  1. Müller, the rascal! If the throw on the right side of the baseline, where he is not offside. The edge reached Lewandowski, who can not suppress the header on the box under distress.

  2. The second half is a play on an equal footing. Do not you believe? 55:45 percent possession for Bayern, to 3: 2 degrees. And both with 84 percent pass rate.

  3. The Yellow Cards now sit relaxed, Hernandez does not come afterwards Rafa and stops the Portuguese tactically. Also this is the right decision, strong refereeing performance so far.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League Now Live Scores – Yellow card for Hernandez

  1. Even the free kick is extremely dangerous! At the far post Verissimo wins the aerial duel if New would there still hard to get, speculation. But in any case unnecessary, since centimeters next to it.

  2. Now the first yellow card for a Bayern player, dayot upamecano comes against Yaremchuk too late and caused the right of the half-space free-kick.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League Now Live Scores – Yellow card for Upamecano

  1. And the Video Assistant Referee logs again right and brings the cheers of Bayern promptly to a halt. Because Coman was a foot offside. This too is incorrect.

  2. As a Bayern fan that perhaps an evening for hair racks. Sabitzer with a fabulous pass behind the defense line in the left into the path of Coman, who drives with Goncalves slides as he wants. And from the baseline travels for Sane. Who fails the immensely powerful Vlachodimos, but this time is Thomas Müller absolutely right and dusts. But as the VAR logs in again …

. 51 After a Benfica corner Bayern launch a counterattack Coman, but the Joao Mario tactically stops – yellow, clear thing!

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League Now Live Scores – Yellow card for Joao Mario

  1. Süle edited right in the penalty Darwin Nunez, who drops down, but gets no penalty. To see through, but here is again properly what is going on.

  2. This is not a real place! Back post, possibly Vlachodimos again had the fingertips decisive turn! Müller this time with the conclusion, but for offside.

47.: Incredible! First, Coman is once more satisfied on the left side against Benfica s right-back. The flank comes in the back of the defense against the second post, where Pavard stops the ball and stops on ten meters. And then there is this devil guy between the posts, which steers the bullet on the door linkage with a mantle reflex.

46.: And thus in the second game section. Benfica stops, no further changes on both sides.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League now in Liveticker – Start 2nd half

Halftime: Lisbon needed something to find in the game, got slow access only after a quarter of an hour, which was also on the somewhat sloppy dealers. Really dangerous, the needlesticks of the Portuguese for a long time but not – to Darwin Nunez after half an hour before new showed and forced the World Gorphic to a glossparade. Of course, what the numbers are concerned, the eagles have not grown: 30 percent ball possession, every third pass ends with the opponent, with 3: 8 degrees. Nevertheless, everything is still possible here in the second half!

Halftime: Nullnull is on it, but much more was in it. Much much more! Bayern laid out with an affentempo, Lewandowski, Sane and again the poles had the lead in the morning for the Munich on his feet (respectively on the head), but failed Vlachodimos or their own precision, as well as later Coman at a great opportunity and again Sane. Benfica was pauseless above all over the right defense side, where the nominally third right defendant in the hierarchy, Andre Almeida, to all overburden then injured. Shortly before the break, the German record champion then rejoined as Lewandowski recalled a Coman flank, but the VAR covered the hand game of the striker star and refused the goal recognition.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League now in the Livetick – break

    • 2.: Lush injection time because we had several injury interruptions. In numbers: four.
    • 1.: Looks like an angel, but also plays like a robbery, says Wagner about Vertonghen. This clears Pavard unsavely, but comes around the yellow. Must be this angel face.

45.: Looks like a robbery and also plays like a robbery, says Dazn Expert and Unterhaching Trainer Sandro Wagner. And says Nicolas Otamendi. The Argentine, known from his days at Manchester City, comes against Kimmich too late and sweeps the Bayernschesser from the legs. Clear yellow card!

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League now in the Livetick – Yellow card for Otamendi

43.: The video check is fast, that s a clear thing. Lewandowski throws himself with everything he has in the sharp cross, but he will ultimately clear to his arm. No goal, continue 0: 0.

42.: Then it happened – Bayern go in the lead! Kimmich puts on the right in the box through for Coman, which reaches the game device in front of the baseline and served into the center. Lewandowski throws himself into the cross and pushes the ball over the line. But smells huge after hand, the var also announces doubts.

41.: From Bavarian point of view, you have to say, of course: luxury problem, who has four right-back. What would the Munich do if Pavard, Stanisic and Slee fail? Ok, Kimmich, clear. Other luxury.

40.: That does not need Jorge Jesus at all: His right-back can not continue. And attentive readers of the preliminary are remember: that was already the substitute. Strictly speaking even the replacement man from the replacement man. And so there must be Diogo Goncalves right rear ran for the apparently injured Andre Almeida.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League now in Liveticker – Change Benfica

38.: Then Bayern are back on the series – and how open are the hosts please!? Sane gets the ball centrally at the center of the center and can turn completely undisturbed and march to the penalty area. The national player has the necessary self-confidence and tries it myself, his throttle rauscht centimeters on the left side of the box.

36.: And the Portuguese will promptly get more courageous! Rafa with a lot of speed, pulls past the center from left to Pavard, double pass with Yaremchuck and then in the penalty area. At least the plan would have been, but Lucas Hernandez does not open the door.

32.: From nothing but the XXL chance for the eagle! Nunez is after a long ball up and of it, escapes Slee, who has retried him on the way to the penalty area, but can not face it. Instead, the Uruguayer sends the Bayern defender with rapid rotation in the 20 o clock idea and can remove central position from nine meters. Newly parries outstanding!

31.: What is doing … Benficas players of the year 2021 , Julian Weigl? The ex-Dortmund and Ex-Sechzger has eleven passes in the account, nine of them successful, six in Bavaria s half – all top values ​​at the home owners. The 14 ball campaigns also point him as one of the most active, but it is also the big problem: much more often on the ball is only goalkeeper Vlachodimos (17), with the Bayern on the other side only Lewandowski (7) and later (13) Less ball actions.

29.: Vlachodimos is the best man in the square! Coman delights his opponent deep in the opposing penalty area and pulls left on the left of the Fühfereck from six meters. But the German Greek reinises again strongly. Incidentally, trained at the VFB Stuttgart.

28.: LUCK for Benfica! Lewandowski stops a moon ball sensationally with a contact from the air and is carried out for Müller, which runs with SANE in tow alone on Vlachodimos alone. But: Lewandowski came out of the away.

26.: The cross is then similarly profitable like san s direct attempt earlier.

25.: Good free-kick now on the other side. Easy ball loss of Bavaria in your own half, Benfica makes it on the left fast and Darwin Nunez distributes the leg shot against SELE. This can only stop the attacker with the foul so that the ball now left at the height of the penalty area is ready for a cross.

22.: San makes, but there we quickly throw the coat of silence over it.

21.: Then maybe it has to solve a resting ball! Lewandowski is played centrally 20 meters in front of the gateway of Sane, brings the body between ball and Vertonhhen and pulls the foul. Specialists enough have the Munich.

18.: Also defensive Lisbon gets the Bavarian force a bit better under control, which is mainly due to a remedy: the offshore. Sabitzer and Müller tap twice, then Benfica survives two waves of guests relatively easy.

16.: Quarter-hour played, Benfica floats for the first time a little free.

13 .: If you do not do the things on the front … Rafa ignites the Turbo right on the road room, leaves Upamecano and raises the ball in front of the baseline butter soft to the center. Yaremchuck and Darwin Nunez is located in the center almost mutually in the way, in the end Ukrainian takes the probably better attributed Uruguayer the headball chance. And that was quite lush!

11.: The Bavaria with over 75 percent ball possession, almost without miscalculation (around 85 percent pass quota) and 3: 0 chances. Or in simple words: Pure dominance.

9.: It s actually just a matter of time! Benfica s right defensive side is not existent in the initial minutes, the Munichner there is far too easy through, the cross again from Coman to the center is demanding, but Lewandowski is strongly developing against Vertonghen in the air duel and comes from five meters to the header. Vlachodimos with its second gloss parade!

8.: Irres pace of Munich, Irres Tackling of Vertonghen! Sane and Sabitzer combine over the left side with a simple double pass behind Benficas defensive chain, but Vertonden was engaged and digging in the last moment in between. Otherwise, would have been a similar closing option as a few seconds for Sane.

6.: In return, Bayern re-miss the leadership hit again! With a quick pass to the depth, Sane Halblinks is sent to the journey, sprints Verissimo and Otamendi of it and completes from a full run. His shot of ten meters hisses past the long post, a scarce meter was missing.

5.: Now, the home owners also know each other for the first time, invited by Pavard, who brings near Darwin Nunez into the show with a weak return pass. But Upamecano is light awake and runs off the attacker.

3.: And the Bayern almost with the perfect flash start! Left at the sixteen company Coman has room and time, the Frenchman raises his head and serves the half-field flank behind the chain at the right moment. Lewandowski is running, Vlachodimos resists with a strong reflex. Then the banner of the assistant goes up, but since the var still had to check with calibrated lines, whether that would have been away.

2.: Sure, the Bayern fans knew it, of course, the FCB 13 April 2021 in Portugal s capital and celebrated with a 1-0 over Paris Saint-Germain the Champions League title.

1.: Bavaria stops, let s go! Incidentally, 19 September 2018 was not the last visit to the Munich in the Estadio da Luz. Well, who is coming?

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League now in the Livetick – the start of the game

Before starting: But this beauty error distinguishes Bayern then by Benfica, which is better in this category: unbeaten. Seven victories from eight league games also greet the eagles from the top of the table, in the royal class also the statement against Barca, because you are only worse than the Munich there, because the Murmel did not want the line at 0: 0 in Kiev.

Before starting: And where you also look, the Bayern come with a tidy tailwind, even if it recently lost a beauty error at 1: 2 against Eintracht Frankfurt: Table leaders, the worst pursuers just in only a seven minute declassified and away 5 : 1 stressed, in the Champions League with two wins and 8: 0 goals started. To ask?

Before starting: Even without Germany s most famous skateboarder, a victory for Bayern on paper is actually duty – at least when you look at the naked numbers, speak the direct comparison. Ten duels, seven victories, no defeat, five times the Munich scored three or more goals, of course, the two 5: 1 achievements, but both on local lawns. Last meeting in Portugal: a 2-0 for the German record champion on 19 September 2018, Lewandowski and Renato Sanches were successful.

Before starting: At Benfica we do not want to stay with the weekend s eleven long, much more interesting than reference is the installation of the sensational 3: 0 against Barcelona. And in comparison, Jorge Jesus only has to swap once, Andre Almeida replaces the ex-Gladbacher and Herthaner Valentino Lazaro on the variable right outer railway. So: care Bayern! By the way: Bavaria change compared to the 3-0 over the catalums: Hernandez for Davies, Sabitzer for Goretzka and Coman for musical.

Before starting: So Genfica: Vlachodimos – Lucas Verissimo, Otamendi, Vertonghen – Andre Almeida, Joao Mario, Weigl, Grimaldo – Rafa, Yaremchuk, Darwin Nunez. Trainer: Jorge Jesus.

Before starting: The preparation of the German record champion is there – and there is a little surprise: for the first time for two months and the Supercup win over the BVB, Kingsley Coman is back in the starting element of Bayern. In addition, Marcel Sabitzer gives his starting element for Bayern because Leon Goretzka fails with a cold. He will run next to Kimmich.

Bavaria: Neuer – Pavard, Slee, Upamecano, Hernandez – Kimmich, Sabitzer – Coman, Müller, San – Landwski

Before starting: Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann will not be able to track the game from the coach bank. Nagelsmann complained about malaise and therefore remained from caution in the team hotel of the German record champion. The record master shared that it is a flu infection.

Before starting: Not only because of the 5: 1 power demonstration of the past Bundesliga match day against Bayer Leverkusen, FC Bayern Munich is today with much self-confidence in the game against the Portuguese Top Club. The Munich are so far immaculate in the royal class. In the first two games, first the FC Barcelona with 3: 0, then Dynamo Kiev with 5: 0. But Benfica s benefits can also be seen. The Portuguese are also unbeaten and did not concede no goal.

Before starting: The impetus takes place at 21 o clock, is played in the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Liveticker of the Champions League group game between Benfica Lisbon and FC Bayern Munich.

Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League today on TV and Livestream

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Benfica vs. FC Bayern Munich: Champions League – The Staff

Benfica: Vlachodimos – Lucas Verissimo, Otamendi, Vertonghen – Andre Almeida, Joao Mario, Weigl, Grimaldo – Rafa, Yaremchuk, Darwin Nunez
Bavaria Munich: New – Pavard, Slee, Upamecano, Hernandez – Kimmich, Sabitzer – Coman, Müller, San – Landwski

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