Double strike in the final act Eintracht beat Bayern 3 2

During Frankfurt s coach Niko Arnautis after the 2-0 victory at the SC sand twice, staff exchanged (Hanshaw and Johannsdottir instead of Hechler and Feinersinger) Handle Bayern Munich Coach Jens Scheuer compared to the 4-0 victory in the Champions League against BK hacks only A startTarf change (Asseyi began instead of Jakobsson).

After the break, Frankfurt goes in leadership

The Munich, who has so far retracted five victories in five games and first conceded a goal, began the game at Brentanobad with a lot of self-confidence. Clear opportunities, however, did not jump out, but the first high-cowhill posted Asseyi, whose wuchtiger shot from around 22 meters from Frankfurt s goalkeeper Frohms was just raced (25.). The final woman of Eintracht remained in focus, because only three minutes later she retained after Asseyis Schlafschuss another time the upper hand (28th). ASSEYI (35.), Magull and Gwinn (Double Chance, 40th) lie further possibilities, marriage Kirchberger out the best Frankfurt chance shortly before the break (header close next to the gate, 43.).

After change, both teams initially offered chances, then Martinez, who scored the first goal of the game: After a corner, the ball landed at the Eintrachtübmerin, which locked dry to the guidance (67.). The Bavarians who had previously had to cope with the injury-related failure of Berryensteyn, but beat back: The substitute Bühl served the rall, which also had to go into the game, which only had to put 1: 1 (79.) – The prelude for a turbulent final phase: because Only four minutes later, Rall struck for another time and brought the title champions with 2: 1 in the lead (83.).

Frankfurters stuck Rall double strike away

The SGE did not give up despite the double strike – and used a Patzer of Bavaria-goalkeeper Benkarth, which had a harmless flank sliding through his hands. Frosted Dusted to 2: 2 (88.). From the point of view of the Frankfurters, however, it came even better: Two minutes later, nusters extended a cross by head on the left inner post, from there the ball jumped into the gate to 3: 2 final score (90.).

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The Bavarians conceded the first defeat in the current Bundesliga season, but remain in place due to the better deal difference. But with Leverkusen and Frankfurt, however, two teams were equal to points (15) each.