Lea Sch ller meets twice Bavaria

Thanks to Lea Schüller, German women s football champions of Bayern Munich has retracted the first victory in this year s Champions League season. The form-strong national player led the team of coach Jens Scheuer on Thursday evening with her early double pack to an effortless 4-0 (2: 0) against the Swedish master BK hacks.

DFB-Stürmerin Lea Schüller-Torjägerin der Zukunft

In the second game, the Munichers gave the right answer to the disappointing 0: 0 for kick-off at Benfica Lisbon in the previous week. Schüller met within two minutes to 2: 0 (9./11.) After not even a quarter of an hour, then the game turned off 688 spectators. Linda Dallmann (71.) and Jovana Damnjanovic (90. + 1) screwed up the result.

With now four points, the Bayern, which are started in the Bundesliga with five wins and 24: 1 goals, have a proper starting position in Group D, in which an absolute top team is represented with record winner Olympique Lyon. The French are at the same time the next Königsklassen opponent of Bayern (November 10).

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In the evening (21.00 clock) the TSG Hoffenheim is still demanded at the FC Arsenal. The VfL Wolfsburg, the third German Champions League team, had already retracted the first victory in the second game on Wednesday by a 5-0 against Servette Geneva from Switzerland.