BVB II striker Tachie Fevering the game very opposite

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The BVB II with a 2-0 victory against the Würzburg Würzburg Kickerss has been adopted in the international match break and thus found not only the right answer to the previous defeat at Turkkücücü Munich (1: 2), but also conquered the second place in the table. We had missed a few things against Turkstick, for the first time this season, Maaßen declared magenta sport . That was a lot today, much better.

With a correspondingly good feeling, the U 23 went to the two-week pause, which used Maaßen and his team for a test game. In the Belgian Table Guide Kas Eupen supervised by the former third-league trainer Stefan Krämer KVB, however, conceded a 0: 3 defeat. Maaßen gave some actors from the second row the chance to prove themselves.

Not there was Haymenn Bah-Traore. The 24-year-old – this season after several earlier injuries only used five times – was turned off to the a national team Togos. In the World Cup qualifiers, however, the defensive player did not work.

On time for the coming mandatory match at Eintracht Braunschweig on Saturday (14 o clock, live! At Würzburg Kickers) Bah-Traore should be back. There, the Borussen expects a large backdrop , emphasized regular Richmond Tachie in the interview with dfb.de . That s why we fever up the game very much. The challenge wants to tackle this season in every game from the beginning of set offensive man (three goals, three templates) with much self-confidence and tactical flexibility: We are robust enough to throw us against top teams like Eintracht Braunschweig in the duels and win the second balls.