U21 national and Bavaria

Bayern Munich s talent and U21 international Malik Tillman has talked about his future plans, role models and personal development in a medenn round, where Hansi flick and Goal participated. He also noted that the FCB under coach Julian Nagelsmann has evolved tactically compared to Hansi s flick.

After being called several times by Hansi Flick in the professional squad of the German record champion, Tillman suffered a cruciate ligament tear shortly after the start of the past season and missed the rest of the season. Now the 19-year-old has fought back and immediately convinced with good performances, which is why Antonio di Salvo nominated for the U21 national team.

At his debut, he celebrated a degree in measure and achieved the interim hits for 1: 1 compensation at the 3-2 victory on Thursday against Israel. In addition, the centerout was equipped at the end of September at the Säbener Straße with a professional contract.

Malik Tillman over …

… his past year at the FC Bayern: Before the injury, I was a few times in the squad. I tried to play myself in the squad, what I have done too. Unfortunately, there was no commitment And then the injury came. This was a setback, but I looked forward to get back as soon as possible. I worked hard to me and now I try again to take the chance to take the chance.

… his current emotional world: The dream of every footballer is to sign a professional contract. It is a very nice thing, but it does not mean anything yet. The way is still far and I have to work much to me

… its position change from the midfielder to the striker: Basically, I am versatile. I like to play on the ten. But I play where the coach needs me.

… the role of co-trainer Hermann Gerland with regard to its U21 nomination: very important. It is always advantageous if you knew some of the coaching team before. He supports me for a long time Always get the most out of me and I want to show it too.

… his relationship with Gerland: It also had his up and down phases, but that s the case with everyone, I believe. I know him since I am at Bavaria. He says I always say Hard to work on me, because I have a lot of potential.

Tillman: Punktplace? Must prove me as well as everyone else

… the reactions to his gate and a future as a U21 stem player: When I looked right after the game on my cell phone, the first news were already there. That s what I m happy. I do not have a regular place guarantee , You have to prove yourself every day and show the coach what you have on it, so you can play again.

… a possible starting insert against Hungary: I will do everything that I stand back in the starting eleven. But it has not happened yet. We have a few more days to the game (Tuesday, 17.30 Clock; Note d. Red.). Until then, I have to prove as well as any other too.

… the statement of Julian Nagelsmann, he sometimes had to be more dirt bag : Almost everyone knows that I m rather a quiet guy. It is very important that I get out more out of me. Especially on the square. I try to implement in the next few days, weeks and months.

Tillman: Under Nagelsmann Flexible and Variable than under Flick

… the differences between flick and nagelsmann: In the tactical area we have become a bit better. Also variable and more flexible than Hansi, both are very good coaches and make a very good job, what they do much Have fun.

… the meaning to play for Germany: I m here because I feel well in Germany. I grew up here and always live here. It is always a privilege to play for Germany. It is a special honor to wear the eagle on the chest and I will always give everything for the team.

… contact with Nagelsmann and possible Bundesliga inserts after his U21 debut: Personally he did not congratulate. But co-trainer Xaver Zembrod. I assume that the coach has seen the game and they expressed themselves. Xaver has contacted because I am with him in close contact than with Julian. I hope my chances have gotten better. You have to show up and again in the club, prove in training and on his chance wait. I do that straight and I will use the chance if I get it.

Tillman: Lewandowski and Pogba as role models

… his role models and Robert Lewandowski: The numbers talk to Lewy for themselves. From him you can look away more. For example, his ambition and his professionalism. He always gives 100 percent and that helps a young player like me in the development. Outside of Bavaria, I like to look at Paul Pogba. I really like his style of play and look at the one or the other thing from him.

… his career plan: Stand now I am at Bavaria. I m waiting for my chance and hope I get it too. What happens in the future, I can not say yet.

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… contact with his brother Timothy Tillman (Greuther Fürth): We are in his very close exchange. We hear each other almost every day. I try to go from time to time or he comes to me But of course, if he or I have time, if it works, we usually do something.