Unimaginable Bavaria Ex Co

Bayern Munich s longtime co-trainer Hermann Gerland spoke in an interview on cooperation with Louis van Gaal. He is still proud of a praise of the Dutch coach.

From 2009 to 2011 the Tiger coach was under Van Gaal at Bayern. This summer, Gerland left Bayern and is now co-coach of the German U21 under Antonio di Salvo.

As with Bayern, Gerland will have an eye on the offspring. He also filled this role at the Säbener Straße, whether as a co-trainer, head of the junior department or athletic head of the second team.

Van Gaal Rede auf der Meisterfeier des FC Bayern München am 9. Mai 2010

Van Gaal, he could impress with his insights, revealed Gerland Sport1 . The Louis van Gaal once said to me: Hermann, they told me three sentences at our first meeting for every player. Then after half a year I controlled the things they said, and I have to say: That s unimaginable. You have an unimaginable eye. The club has to use it much more.

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On this praise van Gaals, who currently lookues the Dutch national team, he was a bit proud, Gerland explained. With Van Gaal he had won the German Championship and the DFB Cup at Bayern 2010, but the Champions League final was lost to Inter Milan.