1 FC Magdeburg vs TurkG c Munich 3 League

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The 1st FC Magdeburg is clearly with 4: 0 on the 11th matchday of the 3rd league against TurkGücü Munich. Here you can read the game in the live ticker.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich – 4: 0: Statistics for the game

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich – 4: 0



1: 0 Bittroff (30th), 2: 0 ATIK (55.), 3: 0 Kath (56.), 4: 0 CEKA (82.)

Installation 1. FC Magdeburg

| Reimann – Obermair, Bittroff, Tob. Müller, Kath (72. Bell Bell) – Conde, A. Müller, Krempicki (79. Rieckmann) – Atik, Schuler (79. Franzke), Brünker (62. CEKA)

Setting up TurkGücü Munich


Vollath – Kuhn, Kusic, Mavraj, Römling (46th Rieder) – Kehl-Gomez – Tosun (46th Maier), Türpitz (70th Knoll) – Sarar, Sliskovic (70th Hottmann), Vrenzi (83. Barry)

Yellow cards


Doorpit (19th), Maier (49.), Krempicki (74.)

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League – The 4: 0 for reading in the LiveTicker

Conclusion: That s it! After two defeats in the piece, the 1st FC Magdeburg returns with an impressive 4: 0 against the SV Turkhücü-Atspor Munich and grabs the spreadsheet again. After the first half was still very exciting and hardly could be made out of play advantages, the second pass was a completely different picture. Turkgy cu was ambitious from the cabin, but simply no longer dangerous. Quite different the householders: Within not even two minutes they played two attacks simple but perfectly out of perfect and beat ice cold twice, and they were also practically invited by the Munich backman. Again and again, great problems revealed in the now offensive rows of the Upper Bavaria, which the blue-whites also played very well afterwards, but then haperte something in opportunities. With regard to the game, that did not matter, but nothing came from SV. Outstanding was once more Baris Atik, but you have to say: that was a strong appearance of the 1st FCM in the network.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü München: 3. League now in the Livetick – Capfiff

90.: Sticking whistle!

88.: The MDCC arena, or the supporters of the home team have fun! Shortly before the end of the encounter, the catches tones again through the stadium.

85.: And even after the fourth, they do not listen to the Saxony-Hitchhalke s really fun at this game. Halbrecht is once again free Baris Atik and runs on his opponent. He says to have discovered a gap and moves from 15 meters with the right, but remains not only with the first, but also second attempt at the defender. Left in the penalty area flies the ball Frankke in front of the feet. The attacker coming from the bank moves to the right and then with the right. He has called the short corner, but misses the left post but scarce.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü München: 3. League now in the Livetick – change TurkeyGücü

83.: Substitution at TurkGücü Munich: Albion Vrenezi, resolving at TurkGücü Munich: Boubacar Barry

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in the Livetick – Tor Magdeburg

82.: Tooor for 1. FC Magdeburg, 4: 0 by Jason Ceka Now it will be bitter! And again that works. Condé sets the right at the level of the centerline with a flat pass at the height of the centerline. The outer defender sees that CEKA is free in the middle and gives the ball a few meters from the baseline with the right to the center. The passage comes so that Vollath does not dare from the box and CEKA can choose a corner from six meters. In the fall, he pushes the ball to the left of the full rate and marks his first profit. Congratulations at this point!

80.: A corner for Munich from the left side triggers something like danger. Magdeburg does not get the ball immediately clarified and centrally located in the box she suddenly lands before the feet of Sararer. He wants to complete, but does not hurt the leather at all and the chance is back.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in Liveticker – Change Magdeburg

80.: Schuler and Krempicki also receive their applause in their replacement and are now represented by Franzke and Rieckmann.

78.: The SV, however, reveal great problems in the defensive switching game. He is demanded and has to play ahead, but does not really get that with the defend.

76.: The Saxony-Hitchhikers make that extremely good since the double strike. At the back they are very stable and forward the counterpart greatly. Twice it also ranged, alone Schuler could have made two more.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in the Livetick – yellow card Krempicki

74.: Yellow card for Connor Krempicki (1st FC Magdeburg). Krempicki holds Sararer at the centerline on the right side of the jersey and thereby prevents a possible attack.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in Liveticker – Change Magdeburg

72.: For Florian Kath, who made a very good game, on the left hand-averaged a lot and crowned his performance with a hit, Léon Bell Bell is replaced.

70.: Just over! Kath pulls well with the attack resing and thus conquers the ball in the offensive left half room. He participates in the centrally posted Atik, who himself has a lot of space and therefore consumes short-lifting. The right-hand shot with the inside of 20 meters comes sharply, but something too accurate: he rushes very close to the right post.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü München: 3. League now in the Livetick – change TurkeyGücü

70.: Trainer Hyballa reacts again and brings two new offensive forces with cudders and Hottmann. For you, Turpitz and Sliskovic leave the lawn.

67.: The next huge chance for Schuler! This time it is the substitute CEKA, the half-law in midfield perfectly passed on Schuler. Only two minutes after his chance, this is again in direct duel with Vollath and again this the keeper decides for itself. From a half-right position, the attacker from a distance of eight meters has given this time short corner, but completely ruptures the left arm reflexically and can parry the good degree.

65.: He has to sit! Again, a big gap reveals itself in the last chain of the Munich. Atik is centrally located on Schuler, who can go on a fully rath alone. The keeper comes out and shortens the angle, so that Schuler passes the degree from 16 meters and half-right position with right just on the left post.

64.: The black shirts push out at the back and practice pressure on the opposing defense, which is completely defended everything well.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in Liveticker – Change Magdeburg

62.: Substitution at 1. FC Magdeburg: Kai Brünker, resolving at 1. FC Magdeburg: Jason Ceka

59.: What a phase for the households. With this double pack, the game already seems to be ahead, Ataspor has installed it in 80 seconds more or less, or the FC the faults mercilessly exploited. Can the guests recover again?

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in the Livetick – Tor Magdeburg

56.: Tooor for 1. FC Magdeburg, 3: 0 by Florian Kath double strike FCM! That s very easy now. In the next attack, Magdeburg a lot of space has plenty of space, Connor Krempicki drives the ball centrally in the opposing half-room space. He lays flat after obliquely left front to Baris Atik, which makes the ball a few meters forward at the foot. At the right time he puts left in the run from the approaching Florian Kath. It does not matter that the angle is pretty pointed and pulls off twelve meters left. Vollath has the lashing, continuous graduation again.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in the Livetick – Tor Magdeburg

55.: Tooor for 1. FC Magdeburg, 2: 0 by Baris ATIK so easy can be football! With a perfect long diagonal ball, Tobias Müller puts the Baris ATIZ started in the storm tip. At the height of the sixteen, the pass is perfect with his chest in the path of routing and lifts the ball with the right to the left of Vollath past the net.

53.: Now Sararer but Müller left the ball early early in the steering game and has a lot of space in front of him. He drives the leather forward, penetrates into the penalty area and then tries to climb by defenders, with links. With his weaker foot, the ball hurts but hardly and the chance is over. On the right was Vrenezi free and would have been the better option.

51.: So far, the Magdeburger with the tremendous phase of the South Germans can get along well. The latter should be noted that they are willing to fight back. The householders defend but compact.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in the Livetick – Yellow Map Maier

49.: Yellow card for Sebastian Maier (Türkkücücü Munich). Only four minutes after his compilation Maier directly brings himself to the yellow box. In the center of the field he goes cocky in a duel, which he can not already win. But with a grass of the back, however, he tries to spit away the ball somehow, but only meets the calves of the opponent.

48.: Turkhücü seems to have made a difference. It comes aggressively from the cabin and puts the opponent directly under pressure.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü München: 3. League now in the Livetick – change TurkeyGücü

47.: For the guests, two actors stay in the cabins at halftime. For Tosun and Römling, Maier and Rieder are now part of the game.

46.: Go on!

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in Liveticker – kick-off 2nd half

Half-Time Conclusion: The FC Magdeburg leads to the half-time break with 1: 0 against the SV TurkGücü-Ataspor Munich and after 45 minutes remains to be captured: the game was considered what the starting conditions promised. The householders came veryly in the game and pushed the Upper Bavaria deep in their half in the first few minutes. Ataspor focused on defending, but it always managed to switch well. In this fast and intense game it took something until the scoring chances came, then followed one thing on the other. Shortly before the hit, the full thing parrined twice very well, but could not prevent the impact on it shortly thereafter. Only three minutes later Condé had the second on the right foot, but missed scarce. On the other hand, Reimann did not only have to parry a lot once to hold the lead. A few minutes before the half-time whistle, both teams have ever had a good chance, which is why one can expect and would like to expect that it will continue to be offensive in passage number two!

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in the Livetick – half-time break

    • 2.: Then pause.

45.: Official Inspection Time (minutes): 1

42.: Reimann for the second!

41.: The next good chance for Magdeburg!

38.: The sports club shows the right reaction and tries to fight back to the game. The FCM can still maintain control as far as possible.

35.: The fans have now returned a tooth and fire their team with their catch lengths.

34.: The hit has visibly done the Magdeburgers well, by this they are also motivated.

33.: Almost the double strike!

32.: The leadership comes for the home team at the perfect time. Ataspor became better and the leaf threatened to turn.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in the Livetick – Tor Magdeburg

30.: Tooor for 1. FC Magdeburg, 1: 0 by Alexander Bittroff the leadership hits for the households! Despite the better phase of the opponent, the Saxony-Hitchhalter will play ahead and can not be confronted. Broiners can maintain the leather in the center after a flank well and lays down on bittroff. The torch not long and buffers the leather with left from almost 20 meters flat into the long corner.

28.: But the first corner of the Munich can also be defused, but also the second crossing of Marco Kehl-Gómez is no danger, Keeper Reimann picks her out of the air.

25.: It is still missing – on both sides – the precision in the last pass. So far, the keepers had to intervene hardly.

25.: The guests will be better in these minutes. Again, it goes over Sararer and the left side forward, his flat crossing on Tosun in the penalty area is intercepted by a defender.

22.: Good chance for Turkish cu! Andreas Müller deleted the ball in his own half-room very lightly, his direct pass on the right side ends exactly in the feet of Sararer. He pulls forward and then flanks with left in the fiffer. There Sliskovic rises up to optimal position, but can not place his header and so it is a grateful ball for Reimann in the box of Magdeburger. Behind the attacker Vrenzi probably had the better ball position …

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in the Livetick – yellow card doorpitz

19.: Yellow card for Philip Doorpitz (TurkeyGücü Munich). Doorpitz can be gone out on the right outer track, but Kath does not want to pass by and drives in the parade from behind. Permitted yellow card in a very fair game! Once the impartial had to intervene briefly and reassure the minds, otherwise it is very sportpen.

18.: A right scorchance is still missing, yet the game makes a lot of fun until this. It goes back and forth and the skills of both teams allow a very handsome football.

16.: Such mistakes should make you turn off! The blue-white lose the ball early in the starting game and Munich comes to the conclusion from the half-right back space. But a defender throws himself in good time in the shot of doorpitz and can defuse the situation.

14.: With a little less than 15,000 people, Magdeburg is so far leader in the viewer section so far, which the fans are loud prove. What a great atmosphere at this floodlight game!

12.: Customize with such switching situations and wants to provide the guest for danger. The football club has to be bleeding to open too far and to be too open.

10.: Ataspor gets dangerous for the first time! It turns well and after a strong diagonal ball Sarar has a lot of space on the left outer railway. He penetrates from left to the box, moves to the right and comes in a good final position. The half-high shot with the right of 15 meters would probably not have come so badly, but Sliskovic is exactly in the firing track and blocks it.

10.: This behavior of Andreas Müller testifies to self-confidence. Shortly before the center line he is played by his keeper and attacked directly from an attacker. With a short body deception he can escape this, but with a loss of ball, this could have been very dangerous.

9.: The blue-white continues to control the game and get back to the opposing sixteen.

7.: Atik comes in the left, offensive half-room to the ball and pulls, because he is not really approached, at the top of the center. A few meters in front of the box he puts to the right to Schuler, who tries to play the double pass. This ends up exactly in the feet of the defender, Schuler should have taken off himself.

6.: Now the guests start a longer attack, but the defense will be done with both flanks from the left side without further ado.

5.: The first five minutes clearly belong to the home owners. It has not really managed to relocate the events to the opposing half.

4.: Tobias Müller is looking for Schuler with a long, high ball. The pass is perfect in the run of the attacker and it would certainly have become very dangerous, Schuler slips away, but before the leather comes down and so the danger is banned .

4.: Two minutes it was rather quiet in the stadium, but the fans really let go, the mood fits!

3.: The Saxony-Hitchhikers run this briefly, after several stations, the ball flies out of the right half room then high in the penalty area, but can be clarified by the defense without problems.

2.: The FCM has a free kick from promising position right at the beginning. Atik brings him from the left half field with right. At the second post, Schuler comes to the ball, his shot with the right is blocked to the corner.

1.: Magdeburg plays as usual in white-blue jerseys, Munich occurs in all black Montur.

1.: The ball rolls! Referee Müller whistles the encounter.

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League now in the Livetick – kick-off

Before starting: The prerequisites of this game as well as the game philosophies of the two teams promise an enormous exciting, intensive and heated encounter. You can be curious who keeps the better end for yourself!

Before starting: The Saxony-Hitchhalter want to recapture the spreadsheet. Coach Titz sees an opponent in the Bavarian state capital club, which after the coach change with a completely different kind of football games than before. Lastly, he started up and have always tried to come across the outer paths. In addition to the counter-strength offensive of the blue-white, but weaknesses in the back team, Neu-Coach Hyballa sees many similarities in the respective game, which will be very interesting to watch.

Before starting: The Munich can also count on its two offensive Albion Vrenezi and Philip Türpitz s offensive service providers, which come on eleven Scorerpunkte. Trainer Peter Hyballa, who recently took over the coaching post, is forced to make a change in the starting element. For Alexander Korge, who is not in the squad today, Filip Kusic plays from the beginning. The two statements can be viewed by clicking on the game scheme.

Vollath – Kuhn, Kusic, Mavraj, Römling – Kehl-Gomez – Tosun, Doorpit – Sarar, Sliskovic, Vrenzi

Before starting: With already 18 achieved hits, the 1st FCM presented the best offensive before the matchday and today the two top scorer ATIK (nine scorer points) and Schuler (seven scorer points) in the starting formation, just as like All other nine starters of the last game. Trainer Christian Titz sets the same installation despite the defeat.

Reimann – Obermair, Bittroff, Tob. Müller, Kath – Conde, A. Müller, Krempicki – ATIK, Schuler, Brünker

Before starting: Exactly against the latter, Turkhücü Fahl on a threesome lasted last matchday and stands after ten graduated games with 15 meters on the score in the eleventh place of the table. Since the current placements in the front midfield are separated only by very few points, the Munich could climb six with a victory to at least rank. That you can definitely take it with the current best of the league, they have proven to be expressive against the amateurs of the BVB and will also use today to annoy today s opponents and atmospheric favorites for a rise place and something countable to Upper Bavaria to take.

Before starting: After the strong start in the current season, in which it won six from the first eight games and only one lost, the team from Saxony-Anhalt had to plug two defeats at the piece. At home, the Titz-eleven lost the so weak Würzburg kickers and in the last game, she had to give himself beaten despite Brünfer s connection hit in the 79th minute to the Halleschen FC 3: 2. Nevertheless, Magdeburg could recall the top of the table with a victory today or share with a draw with the Dortmund second representation.

Before starting: The duel of the 11th matchday will be kicked off at 19 o clock. The game is played in the MDCC Arena in Magdeburg.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the game in the 3rd league between the 1st FC Magdeburg and TurkGücü Munich.

1 . FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League – Official Staff

1. FC Magdeburg: Reimann – Obermair, Bittroff, Tob. Müller, Kath – Conde, A. Müller, Krempicki – ATIK, Schuler, Brünker
TürkGücü Munich: FULLATH – KUHN, KUSIC, MAVRAJ, Römling – Kehl-Gomez – Tosun, Doorpitz – Sarar, Sliskovic, Vrenezi

1. FC Magdeburg vs. TurkGücü Munich: 3. League today on TV and Livestream

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3 . League: The table on the 11th matchday

Place | Team | Sp. | Goals | Diff | Pkt.
— | — | — | — | — |-
1. | Borussia Dortmund II | 11 | 18: 11 | 7 | 20
2. | Waldhof Mannheim | 11 | 17: 9 | 8 | 19
3rd | Magdeburg | 10 | 18: 11 | 7 | 19
4. | FC Viktoria Berlin | 11 | 22: 14 | 8 | 18
5. | SV Wehen Wiesbaden | 11 | 17: 13 | 4 | 18
6. | 1. FC Saarbrücken | 11 | 17: 13 | 4 | 17
7. | VFL Osnabrück | 11 | 14: 10 | 4 | 17
8. | Eintracht Braunschweig | 11 | 15: 12 | 3 | 17
9. | Hallescher FC | 11 | 19: 17 | 2 | 17
10. | 1. FC Kaiserslautern | 11 | 14: 8 | 6 | 15
11. | TurkGücü Munich | 10 | 13: 13 | 0 | 15
12. | Sv Meppen | 11 | 10: 14 | -4 | 15
13. | 1860 Munich | 11 | 10: 11 | -1 | 13
14. | SC VER | 11 | 16: 19 | -3 | 13
15. | SC Freiburg II | 11 | 8: 13 | -5 | 13
16. | FSV Zwickau | 11 | 11: 13 | -2 | 12
17. | MSV Duisburg | 11 | 13: 18 | -5 | 12
18. | FC Viktoria Cologne | 11 | 13: 20 | -7 | 9
19. | Würzburger Kickers | 11 | 5: 15 | -10 | 7
20. | TSV Havelse | 11 | 7: 23 | -16 | 7