Frankfurt at Bayern Glasner demands self confidence

Sunshine and up to 25 degrees will ensure a golden October Day in Munich on Sunday. Whether the harmony can enjoy the journey to the away game at the leaders FC Bayern, however, is questionable. We will not make a Sunday trip at late-summer temperatures for coffee and cake, but deliver a right fight to Bayern, announces Glasner. But the balance in Munich could hardly be worse: in 50 Bundesliga guest performances, the Hesse only three victories, the last threesome (2: 1) is over 20 years (season 2000/01). The most recent twelve home games against Frankfurt won the FC Bayern all – a longer series, the Munich s currently show against no other club.

It will probably be on Sunday from 5.30 pm only for damage limitation, far more important is the home game against Hertha BSC after the fame break – a game of directional character. Nevertheless, it is correct and important that Glasner lives over demonstratively self-confidence: We do not drive to Munich to force a close game, but to win. I say that with a full conviction, that was always the approach with Wolfsburg, Even if we do not luck, I want to see the players in the eyes that we drive to Munich and trust us, win there, emphasizes the Austrian.

We can and do not just want to defend.


That it requires an absolute top performance in all areas is sunblar. Glasner outlines what he expects from his players: We need the highest concentration, must be permanently supported on the wings and double, but at least equal to the center, at the same time, at least equal to the best. We need a lot of running work. But we do not and do not want Just defend, but from the ball gains that we will certainly have to brave the situations brave. There you need two, three, four quick short passports to exploit the rooms that there are.

What Glasner does not say, but is obvious: without a significant increase in performance compared to the game in Antwerp (1: 0) threatens a debacle. Alone Ajdin Hrustics careless ball losses in midfield would probably have used the Bayern for several goals. Such sludges may not allow themselves at this level. In addition, If we tried balls, we will barely have time to find solutions. This will be an important experience for the players in the center. We also discuss that we are in these zones again and again for too long in these zones , We may not allow ourselves in Munich.

Which system relies Glasner in Munich?

On which basic order the coach will set, it is difficult to predict. Does he build on a threesome / fiffer chain as in Antwerp (3-5-2) in the defense or returns to the four-chain? The wings were probably a bit better with a four-chain, but left-back Christopher Lenz (Fibereriss) continues to fall out, even behind Erik Durm (concussion) is a question mark. And Danny da Costa is likely to be no option after his weak performance against Cologne.

It would be conceivable that Glasner instead of a second striker in 3-5-2 contains an additional defensive midfielder. For example, Djibril could clear Makoto Hasbe and Kristijan Jakic before defense. Among other things, that would have the advantage that the outer six in the game against the ball could support the wing player Filip Kostic and Timothy Chandler; At the center were still two watchers. In the triple chain behind it could defend Almamy Toure, Stefan Ilsanker and Martin Hinteregger.

Glasner: We want to use our switching moments

At the front, it is possible to put Rafael Borré on the pillar of Jesper Lindström behind the storm tip to have enough players with pace when switching moments. Jesper is certainly an option with his speed, says Glasner. Also Kostic and Chandler could face Bayern for ball losses with their pace. We want to use our switching moments via a compact, aggressive defensive, announces Glasner. So that in the end it will also be a golden October Day for the Eintracht. Three points in Munich taste better than coffee and cake in the evening sun.