The HSV and the hope for the next step

The theory of positive fragmentation (TPD) by Kazimierz Dąbrowski is a theory of individuality development.
Unlike a few other theories of development such as Erikson s stages of psychosocial development, it is not assumed that also a bulk of people proceed via all degrees. TPD is not a concept of phases, as well as levels do not correlate with age.
Unlike mainstream psychology, Dąbrowski s academic structure sights mental stress and also stress and anxiety as necessary for development. These disintegrative processes are as a result seen as positive , whereas individuals that fall short to go via positive disintegration might remain for their whole lives in a state of main integration , doing not have true originality. Progressing into disintegration as well as into the higher degrees of development is based on having developing potential, including overexcitabilities, above-average responses to stimuli.

The coach had a positive development process at his own on Sunday after 2: 2 against Nuremberg. Because a two-time residue did not have the episode of an impact. The boys are travels, have believed in themselves.

In the last, it is now important to assess the evidence that the HSV can also make another crucial weakness: individually inferior opponents until the end not only to record, but also to combat their means if the footballing quality does not come to wear. Among other things, defeats in the Danks for Würzburg and Osnabrück were decisive in the preseason that the HSV chokes in the fourth year in the 2nd league.

Walter: See you on a good way

Discontinuation of Herpes Simplex virus (HSV) IgM Testing

Walter is known to keep away with themselves with topics that were before his time, but generally says: One reason is often that a team from the lower table region has nothing to lose and the situation is the case with the supposedly great way around. We But do not see the starting position so. See you on a good way in our development and want to make the next step in Aue. Knowing that the requirements are others than most recently against Nuremberg or in Derby at Werder Bremen. Aue will surely try to defend deeper and come in switching moments.

Schonlau returns back

As extremely helpful, the coach evaluates that at the away task in the Erzgebirge his captain is on board. Sebastian Schonlau has dropped the yellow-red lock against Nuremberg and Walter says, He is our captain, of course he was missing because he is a supporting pillar. However, if he does not want to understand words as criticism of his deputy: Youngster Mario Vuskovic was crucial to a head hit and at least at least coinciding, but Walter says about the 19-year-old: He had a great passport and a superior dual ratio. We know that we can pure him at any time.

In Aue but Schonlau should lead the HSV again, ensure that the next proof of development does not miss. And the HSV s birthday is not the only reason for congratulations.