Klautich We want to win but it does not have to

The 2020– 21 2. Bundesliga was the 47th period of the 2. Bundesliga. It started on 18 September 2020 and also wrapped up on 23 May 2021. The period was initially scheduled to start on 31 July 2020 as well as end on 16 May 2021, though this was postponed due to postponement of the previous period as an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic. The relegation video games were arranged to be held between 26 as well as 30 May 2021. From 22 December 2020 to 1 January 2021, the period was disrupted by a reduced winter months break. A total amount of 306 organization and also 4 transfer video games were to be played, including three English weeks.The components were announced on 7 August 2020.

Anyone who has lost or won against an opponent as often in the past are popular statistics. Especially if you have a clear finding , as with the duel FCN with the HSV: the latter has gained much more often and consequently he is the franc a fighting opponent. Only, what do such numbers say from the past for the Sunday when the unbeaten Club starts with the Club at the Alster, which has a point less on the account than the guest? Right, nothing. Club coach looks like it and therefore looks for the front on Sunday – and makes a good constellation for this: We want to win it, but it does not have to. In other words, he sees the favorite role at HSV, which in turn is an initial position that is best of his team.

The fact that HSV has seen the HSV in the past 17 league games, cross-season, the only one who could enforce his team a defeat, one with 2: 5 hangers, he also does not measure any meaning. It was a negative dropout, which had taken place under completely different conditions than today, says Robert Klauss. How true, that starts with the preparation of his team as with that of the Hanseaten, which also with Tim Walter have a new coach and thus another way of playing style. The HSV in May 2021 is another than the one to do with the club on Sunday.

In addition, the club does not want to orient himself so much at the opponent – last with the tedious and happy 1-0 About Hansa Klautice has at least self-deserved as a mistake, without the way of Rostock s man-oriented play-by-way conversion from a diamond in midfield to a double sect explicitly to have identified as such. For the game at the HSV Anyway, according to him, as with any other game, it is also about it, bring his ideas and its strengths to the place. The whole self-sufficient taking into account the opponent, its strengths and weaknesses.

Confusing processes at HSV: We have the team very much to show

And then the HSV represents a sophisticated task for Klauts, which he is very happy. His trainer colleague Walter is known for its courageous, sometimes unorthodox game idea, but at which Klautich sees a clear basic order. In general, he has made many processes at HSV, sometimes confusing. We have a lot to show the team, he adds a smile.

The fact that HSV is generally going on a great deal of risk under Walter and loudly brings many people to the front, could play the club in the cards, the switching game is finally one of the great strengths of his eleven. The basic prerequisite for this is self-sufficient the winning gain, which in turn gives the club the order, brave to defend forward .

Again in the professional: Lukas Schleimer. imago images / zinc

Speaking courageously: At his research occurs at his professional debut against Rostock, Lukas Schleimer has seamlessly linked in the training week. One has noticed that he has given him a push again, says Klauß on the attacker from the U 21, to which he wrote immediately after the 1-0 about Rostock in the stem book that he looks everything with a view of his more future Even in his hand . If his feet is called the TempoDrib Blings to the center of the opposing defense further so carefully, you can play your owner a place in the professionals because they enrich their offensive around a new element. The game at the HSV is the next step for the 21-year-olds: It belongs again to the matchday gate.